Magic Table

Magic Table

Magic Table is a radical new concept for collaboratively presenting content spatially. With Magic Table, you can engage your whole classroom with an immersive presentation where you get to control the content and they get to choose their perspective.

VR Headset

VR Presentor

The presentor is at the head table wearing a VR headset. The teacher or even a student can fully interact with content in 3D space and have those interactions immediately mirrored to others joining in via AR.


AR Window

Using an iPad (2018 or newer), students can have a window into the virtual world of the presentor in the VR headset. Think of it a movie camera with the presentor being the star of the show.

Why it's the perfect fit for your school:


You as an educator can have full control over the material that you're presenting in 3D. And if you need something fast, you can pull a collection out from our library.


Students and teachers get to collaborate together naturally, unlike other products that lock teachers in to pressing a button to move to the next 360 photo.


Everyone in your classroom gets to learn in rich, interactive 3D with very little device buy-in. You get all the power without paying the price.