Our Mission

We're passionate about education as well as new interfaces and how they can foster a better understanding of our world. Everyone on our team is multidisciplinary, and we take a wholistic and humanistic approach to developing software.

Holos is a group of creators that is deeply passionate about changing the way that we interact with computers. We're trying to get you out of your rectangles 📱 💻 📺 by bringing the computer into our world 🌎 .

Our role in Education

Holos didn't start out as an educational platform, but in late 2018 we started on our journey into the classroom. The more we thought about our product, the more it made sense—Holos could offer the tools that teachers need to solve two key issues in the modern classroom:


Today's curriculum isn't connecting with kids, and it's really all in the way that the content is presented. This is a generation of kids that go home and are engrossed in highly immersive and engaging entertainment; why shouldn't their learning experiences be just as engaging?


If the content isn't engaging, then there's little incentive to retain it in your head. Instead of a topic being abstract and far off with traditional methods like slides, topics can be direct, tangible, and in front of the student for them to play with and get their own angle on.

The Goal

Our goal is to change the paradigm for the better, and to improve learning outcomes along the way. We hope you'll join us.