Our Lovely Team

We're passionate about education as well as new interfaces and how they can foster a better understanding of our world. Everyone on our team is multidisciplinary, and we take a wholistic and humanistic approach to developing software.

Dan Borkhus

Dan Borkhus

Dan received his BA in Economics from UW-Madison. He has worked as a Research Assistant at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, using data to help school districts across the country make better decisions on policies and programs that lead to school and student success.

Tyler Waite

Tyler received his BA in Chinese from UW-Madison. In high school, he created Magnetize Media, creative services company. In 2014, Tyler joined Spectrom (a 3D printing startup acquired by MakerBot/Stratasys) where he did marketing for their full-color printer add-on. His mom is also a 3rd Grade teacher!

Tyler Waite Joshua Corvinus

Josh Corvinus

Josh has a ten year background in game and Virtual Reality development along with his expertise with the Leap Motion Interaction Engine. He has previously worked on a wide mix of projects, namely Lucidigital, a VR workspace that he single-handedly took from concept to demo, and Life of Lon, a VR story title.

Jeffrey Piccirillo

Jeffrey is a talented developer with experience in geospatial data visualization, geoinformatics, and web development. Jeffrey has worked as a GIS Developer at the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office, GIS Analyst at Rice University, and a Technical Services Analyst at Epic Systems.

Jeffrey Piccirillo Nathan Thorin

Nathan Thorin

Nathan has a long history of building virtual worlds, leading and publishing projects like LORE, a VR RPG set in a steampunk giant robot world, Karma Chase, a mobile VR runner game, Trakker, a first-person VR title that's akin to Pac-man.

Kellen Schneidewend

Kellen is currently studying Management, Entrepreneurship, and Finance at UW-Madison and is supplementing his studies by learning alongisde us at Holos. He has an amazing eye for detail and works with us to understand new markets and project our future of growth.

Kellen Schneidewend Jack Yang

Jack Yang

Jack is currently studying Computer Science and Communication Arts at UW-Madison, with a special focus on studying Human-Computer Interaction in virtual environments. At Holos, he works alongside Josh to develop new features and interactions on the Holos platform.

Linda Lam

Linda has a diverse history in managing relationships with people from all walks of life; at Cara Chicago she helped people affected by poverty, at UW's Office of the Vice Provost and CeO office she helped guide students towards success, and at StartingBlock Madison she played a key role in building out the community.

Linda Lam Nova King

Nova King

Nova's passions for open-source software has led them to give several talks at SCaLE, the largest community-run open-source conference in North America. Nova is also the creator of Stardust XR, an open-source, Linux-based compositor that allows traditionally 2D applications to be interactive in 3D for use in immersive devices.

Caleb Helbling

Caleb comes most recently from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and is a former member of the Cyber Systems and Operations group, where he applied advanced technology to problems of national security. In his free time, he also heads the development of Blockspell, a multiplayer magical combat game.

Caleb Helbling Peyton Gardipee

Peyton Gardipee

Peyton graduated from UW-Madison with a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and was a Powers-Knapp Scholar. He has past web development experience at WonderBox Technologies where he worked to create standardized UI compenents and automated testing within the organization.

Nitika Aggarwal

Nitika holds a PhD in Computer Science from USC and has a significant background in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. She has contributed to significant challenges at companies such as Google, Facebook, Lytro, and Industrial Light and Magic (where she worked on a facial capture system for Rogue One). Outside of the sciences, she is an avid dancer.

Nitika Aggarwal

Oh yeah, we're hiring!

We're a group of humble and empathetic individuals that are passionate about changing the way we interact with our computers. We believe that if people have the right tools, they understand the world around them faster and with more clarity. If you believe the same, then we'd love to have you join us for one of the following positions: