Maintenance and Repair Training

Holos has been working with the U.S. Air Force to adapt Holos towards training use-cases, making Holos a drag-and-drop tool for authoring and sharing effective, hands-on immersive learning experiences.

Through federal Phase I and Phase II SBIR funding, Holos has been working to prove its platform as being the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to revolutionize maintenance and repair training. In aligment with our core belief that hands-on learning is the golden standard, we're adapting the same Holos platform that is used for our K-12 initiatives and using it to change the way that people learn within these highly-specialized fields.

Let's take a look at the workflow:

The student starts by entering the training space for the specific system that they’re working on. They choose the part of the assembly that they want to learn and are immediately transported to that specific module.

A student enters the training experience and gets acquainted with the material. Everything in the immersive learning experience has been previously laid out by the instructor using Holos' drag-and-drop tools.

The student finds, snaps together, and arranges objects with their hands. Using Holos' wrist-anchored menu, they pull out the relevant building blocks (in this case, 3D models), places them into the scene, and snap them together in the correct location and order.

The student completes the assembly and lifts it up and places it into the broader system. They receive a Pass/Fail condition and will be asked to re-do a section in the case of an incorrect placement.

Left Hand Right Hand

Hands-on. Quite literally.

Everything you do in Holos, you do with your hands. Amazing things happen when you control a computer with your hands: operations become muscle memory. Functionality is no longer abstract and understanding is within reach.

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AFWERX has helped facilitate connections to our Air Force partners and ultimately win both a Phase I and a Phase II Award in 2019.

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