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We're looking for educators that are willing to test out a new way of teaching and provide useful feedback for us. We want to design something fun, cool, and useful, and we need your help in doing so. If you sign up below, you'll get access to our Pilot Program, our mailing list, and our small community of progressive educators.

We're already working with these great partners:

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University School of Milwaukee

United States Air Force

United States Air Force



Israel Aerospace Industries

Israel Aerospace Industries


Look out for more soon!

And the feedback has been amazing:

“The ability for students and/or teachers to collect and organize their own content and then deliver it through a virtual space is something that hadn't been possible before. Holos will change the way that teachers can deliver their curriculum, as well as give students the ability to take "ownership" of their learning. I also see the power that Holos brings to education through the lens of the 4Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking). Holos is a great gift to education and will fully immerse the user and engage them on a whole new level!”

Mike Jaber

- Mike Jaber, Coordinator of Instructional Technology for the Sheboygan Area School District

“AFRL and AFWERX have partnered with Holos to streamline the Small Business Innovation Research process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants, and decrease bureaucratic overhead. The Air Force has begun offering ‘Special’ SBIR topics that are faster, leaner and open to a broader range of innovations.


- AFWERX, a program of the United States Air Force

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