Announcing the Beta

We're super excited to announce the next chapter of the Holos journey: our private Beta. After a year in Alpha and a year of VR growth, we've figured out what we need to make a successful computing space in VR.

  • Multitask with made-for-VR web apps.

  • Endlessly personalize your space.

  • Import and launch your VR apps.

Holos is an all-in-one ecosystem designed to make you feel at home.

Every little detail in Holos' design is there to make it the most powerful and personal place in virtual reality. Whether it's the comfort of having your favorite items around, or the power of easily getting to all of your favorite content, Holos makes you feel right at home in VR.

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Launch all of your VR content

Holos imports your VR purchases from Oculus Home and Steam and lets you launch and manage your content from your homespace.

Multitask with web apps

Holos has an ever-expanding library of web cards that can be placed into your homespace. Suddenly your homespace is a lot more useful.

Start from home, not a store

Holos is tightly integrated with OpenVR, so you can start in Holos, go play a game, and then come back home.

Do things your own way

Use our card-based organizational system to organize your content in a tangible way and change the look of your space in a snap.

Coming Soon:

  • Item Marketplace
  • Card-based game overlay
  • Interactive objects
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Create, Code, & distribute with Holos

From your head to everyone.

Our card framework is one of the fastest ways to create an app in VR. Use HTML/CSS/JS to get your content in front of a world of VR users. See how easy it is to upload a card.

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Why people love Holos

One of my biggest problems with Rift is Home. I mean it's fine, it's perfectly fine. But it seems like a missed opportunity. I'm sure they will come in the future, but where are the different settings? Why can't I move around or customize my home space? Why can't I add things like audio/video players or browsers right in my home space? I welcome apps with this functionality!”


Reddit User

“Something that I’m looking forward to is a product called Holos, [...] it puts things into a new paradigm with this card interface. There are a lot of things that we’re looking forward to, [...] everyone wants to build their virtual room. Right now if you’re in Oculus Home, you’re in that fancy, pre-designed living room, but there’s not any customization that you can do there."

Norm Chan


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August 3, 2016

Play a direct role in the development of holos by deciding what we build next by adding suggestions to our public roadmap!

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Why do you need a virtual home?

June 21, 2016

An interface is not a home. A store, no, it’s not a home. A launcher? Try again. A home is about comfort.

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Introducing Holos.

April 25, 2016

Today, we’re introducing Holos, the customizable VR homespace that lets you do more. After almost a year of hard work, we're excited to share it with you.

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Meet the team

Dan Borkhus
Dan Borkhus
Founder, CEO

Dan heads Business Development and Strategy for the team. Dan is someone who is able to cut through the noise and see the connections that others can’t. He believes every problem has a solution; you just need to be creative enough to find it.

Tyler Waite
Tyler Waite
Founder, COO & CCO

Tyler is a maker, designer, and VR aficionado that heads Product and Design at Holos. He believes in making something that people can fall in love with, and that even the smallest details can make or break a great user experience, especially in virtual reality.

Josh Corvinus
Josh Corvinus
Development Lead

Josh's history of game and toolkit development gives him an edge in 3D programming and UI design, both of which lie at the heart of Holos. He believes that people are their best when a symbiotic force with their technology.

Graham Rust
Graham Rust
User Experience Engineer

Graham, with his passions in art, video games, and technology, isn't afraid to take amazing concepts in his head and bring them into VR to see what works and what doesn't. He believes that VR has the power to extend our natural abilities in completely new ways.

Darpan Dagha
Darpan Dagha
Web Backend Engineer

Darpan had previously worked on projects with US Bank and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, architecting and maintaining custom backend solutions. He is a skilled programmer that believes in creating platforms that are powerful, open, and connected.


Do you have an interest in exploring new interfaces in virtual reality and in pushing them to market? Do lay awake at night thinking of all of the cool things we could do in VR? Do you want to make VR more personal? Say hi at! We'd love to chat.