We're changing the way the world learns.

Holos is making hands-on learning accessible like never before.

Our Mission

Our news, entertainment, and social platforms are now more immersive than ever—so why do our educational tools lag so far behind? Through our tools and platform, we want to change the way the world learns.

Our Role

We want to see a world where students of all types are more engaged, and are truly agents of their own learning. It's our mission to deliver tools that enable instructors of all shapes and sizes to embrace the power of virtual reality to spread their knowledge.

We're a team of spatial computing pioneers.

Dan and Tyler first started in Virtual Reality when we bought into the Oculus DK2 on Kickstarter in early 2014—a time that predates any consumer VR hardware. They attracted early grant funding from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to develop their Alpha prototype in 2016.

Shortly after, they incorporated and raised their first round of funding in 2018 on the basis of making it super easy for instructors and students to create and share immersive learning experiences.

The team grew from 4 to 10 in early 2019 when they were accepted in the AFWERX program to pilot the Holos platform with the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force base.

Now, the Holos platform is opening up its tools to enable instructors of all kinds to create and monetize their courses in virtual reality.

Daniel Borkhus
Co-Founder, CEO
Tyler Waite
Co-Founder, COO, VP Product

And we're surrounded by some world-class advisors.

We are incredibly lucky to have these people in our corner. Running a startup, nonetheless, thriving, in unknown terrain is no small feat. It is the guidance, steadfast assurance, and honesty from our advisors that carries us forward.

We couldn't do it without them.

Jeff Moore
Successful COO and CFO, experienced with the SBIR process
Carie Lemack
Experienced startup founder and advisor, Academy Award-nominated producer
Mike Hurley
Early advisor to Palantir (to Alex Karp) and Affirm, retired CIA Officer
Maj Gen. Robert Wheeler
Retired Two-Star Major General from the U.S. Air Force, current Deputy DoD CIO at Pentagon

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