HOLOS for Government

No-Code VR Training Creation

Dramatically increase mission readiness by offering your instructors tools to create repeatable, relevant virtual training.

simple creation

As easy as PowerPoint

Before, your instructor was on a screen. Now with Holos, they're by your side. You can intimately analyze their technique, learn with virtual objects, and even meet with them live within Holos.


Easily upload training materials, including 3D models, images, videos, text, and audio into VR.


Position content as desired and set scenario requirements such as pass/fail conditions, time limits, and performance order.


Share your completed course to facilitate effective, persistent, and reusable VR training.

utilize Digital TWins

Keep the mission moving

Keep your planes in the sky, vehicles on the road, and your ships at sea. Trainees no longer have to take assets out of operation for them to train on.

update and adapt

Curriculum at the speed of relevance

With Holos' no-code tools, you don't have to go back to the contractor for modifications to your training program, helping you make sure that the doctrine matches the material.


Ways to Partner

Work with us on SBIR R&D or commercial contract opportunities.

Sole-Source Contract

Build, Teach, and Scale

Our portfolio of tools and features make it easy to hit the ground running.

Creation Tools

Easily mix pictures, videos, audio, text, and 3D models with recordings of instructors to fully engage students.

Hands-On Learning

Add hands-on interactive elements that enable your students to learn by doing, not just by seeing.

Powerful Widgets

Supercharge your students' learning by building in quizzes, paint, and other rich interactions into your experience.

3D Model Processor

Use our Model Processor to import complex 3D models from a wide variety of sources.


Distribute your courses on Holos Library, or just keep it private to your organization.

P2P Networking

Host private and secure Office Hours for your students and have them learn alongside instructors in real-time.

Past Performance

“Holos is an excellent example of the direction that the AF training environment of the future demands. I […] couldn’t have asked for a more adaptively conscientious team to work with!”

~ Master Sergent Jeremy Neilson, Edwards Air Force Base


Custom Contract

Bring Holos on-premises for full adoption

Create unlimited spaces
Place unlimited objects in each space
Organization admin tools
Unlimited shared team storage
Import any type of 3D model into Holos
Internally manage all spaces and spaces content
MOTAR Integration
On-premises deployment of Holos Library
Custom branding for Holos Library
Work with Holos to build out your 3D library
Develop a plan with Holos to transition your courses into VR
Dedicated 24/7 support
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Please contact us at hello@holos.io for any contracting questions.

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