Holos for social

Hang out with others in a secure, peer-to-peer space

Holos provides you a space to learn together or just hang out—watch movies together, paint, or collaborate over 3D models.

endless avatars

Bring your identity into Holos

Holos has full-body 3D avatars using the VRM standard. Full finger-tracking means you can adopt your ideal form in VR and live it, alone or with friends! (Coming Soon)

get cozy

Customize the world around you

Fill up your VR spaces with as many pictures, videos, sounds, and 3D models as your heart desires. Share your spaces with others, or keep them all to yourself.

see you in holos

Hang out together, naturally

With Holos, you can get together in a fully private, peer-to-peer space. Talk and pass objects back and forth like you would in real life, all without controllers.

Peek into a new world

Bringing new lore into Holos

Holos is partnering with Andi Gola and his Wonder Team to bring their 3D avatars to life in virtual reality, powered by Holos’ Social toolkit. Andi Gola has previously led projects for Mercedes, Nestle, and Renault.


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